• Elisavet Kousidis

This Shouldn't Have Happened

Today I'm writing about a comprehensive piece of legislation that was just signed into law and you need to know about.

HB 6004 is a sweeping piece of legislation that will drastically change policing practices in Connecticut and overturn decades of Supreme Court precedent. A bill like this deserves as much deliberation, sunlight, and public comment as possible. Rather than make smart, prudent change with community input, Connecticut Democrats rushed this bill through the House and the State Senate during a special session with little comment or analysis. Worse, they did so early in the morning after a long days in session adding to the haphazard way in which this bill was considered. Connecticut simply should not be legislating like this. There are positive provisions in this bill, that should be a part of a properly-considered bill in the future. Unfortunately, the negative provisions outweigh the positives. The most concerning part of the bill would remove the legal shield of Qualified Immunity from Connecticut police officers, opening them and our municipalities up to serious liability. Many legislators, police officials, and officers have voiced their concerns about how this bill will severely damage police retention and recruiting. This will make our communities less safe and it is not necessary in Connecticut.

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