• Elisavet Kousidis

Reopening Schools & Our Economy

As a mother and educator I understand the stress and strain people are feeling regarding the reopening of schools and our economy. 

We all want to make the best possible choices for our children and teachers going forward, and local businesses need to reopen. However, we know that the pandemic isn’t over and we must remain mindful of the most vulnerable populations in our communities until it is.

It’s time for us to have a reasonable fact-based discussion about how we can responsibly achieve all of these things.

This is why I’ve invited Dr. David L. Katz to join me to discuss his recommendations for supporting our citizens during reopening using common-sense solutions. In our discussion we will address the current science on the moving target that is COVID-19, and where we go from here with our education systems, the local economy, and our vulnerable populations.

Click the button below to fill out a brief questionnaire regarding your thoughts on reopening schools and the economy. There is also a box where I invite you to submit a question for Dr. Katz that will possibly be answered during our interview. 

My interview with Dr. Katz will air on my forthcoming YouTube channel.

This interview will be the first in my series of sit-downs with experts on a variety of topics specific to the needs of the 25th district. 

I value realistic, actionable solutions that will create real, positive change for all of our residents. This is how progress is made and how we will make Connecticut stronger together.

Thank you, Ellie Kousidis Kousidis for CT State Senate

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