• Elisavet Kousidis

Where is the path to normal?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

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We are currently in Stage 2 of re-opening in our state. COVID-19 cases have been brought under control, schools are re-opening, and yet Governor Lamont is stalling moving to Stage 3 and has now imposed even more restrictions on residents. Why?

What are the actual metrics for returning to normal?

Many politicians at the national and state level have sought to put talking points ahead of what makes sense for our communities which is why I am proud to have had an opportunity to learn from a public health expert.

Introducing some perspective on the virus from a non-political point of view can put us on a path that saves lives while preparing us to return to normal.

Please feel free to watch my interview series with Dr. David Katz to learn more about how we can put science over politics.

With appreciation,

Ellie Kousidis

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