• Elisavet Kousidis

I support the police.

The recent bill that Bob Duff, your current State Senator, co-authored and voted for in Hartford is wrong. It will be detrimental to our Police force and make our communities less safe.

Here are some important FACTS you need to know about the bill:

Fiction:  Good police officers are not affected.

Fact:  Bob Duff’s legislation allows criminals to sue individual police officers in state court for any reason and the officers are responsible for paying a lawyer to defend themselves and paying for any judgment against them regardless of the circumstances.  Police officers will be afraid to do their job.

Fiction:  Everyone contributed to the writing and vetting of this bill.

Fact:  Bob Duff didn’t bother to get any input from our communities or the police.  According to Lieutenant David O’Connor, President of Local 1727 (which represents the Norwalk police)  “The bill was rushed through without talking to us or explaining the need for such drastic changes.  We feel betrayed and deceived.”

Fiction:  Officer recruitment and officer retirement won’t be affected.

Fact:  Yes it will and it has.  Young officers are giving up their careers and older officers are retiring early.   This new law means that police officers must risk their lives every day AND risk their financial future.  Why would anyone want this difficult and challenging job?

Fiction:  The police won’t be defunded.

Fact:  Connecticut cities and police departments will be devastated financially.  Legal fees and insurance costs will skyrocket crippling municipal budgets in the middle of a pandemic economy.

Please vote on November 3rd so we make the right kind of changes in Hartford.

Thank you for your support!

Ellie Kousidis

Ellie Kousidis for State Senate 25th District

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