Key Policy Goals

Ellie will work to:


  • Promote local control of our communities and schools, and stop forced regionalization.

  • Establish pro-growth economic policies that will bring jobs back to our state.

  • Create a climate where small businesses can thrive.

  • Reduce spending and the size and scope of state government.

Keep Connecticut Local


I stand against the State government's interference in town and district issues, and for stronger ethics policies that hold state elected officials accountable and protect public interest.


We must reduce the size and scope of our State's government and allow citizens the freedom to make choices that are in the best interest of their own communities. 




In my 20 years of experience as an urban educator in Connecticut, I have witnessed a decline in the quality of our education system. Our schools do not need more oversight from politicians in Hartford. They need a strong focus and support at the local level by educators who understand the unique needs of the area.

Regionalization - or the passing on of our schools' administrative responsibilities to politicians in higher government - will not benefit our schools. It is another political decision that looks good on paper but serves no educational purpose while it expands additional unnecessary oversight and bureaucracy.


Numerous research-based methods have demonstrably proven that students’ outcomes improve when resources are deployed at the classroom level. Our communities do not need top-down mandates, they need bottom-up attention.

I will work closely with school boards to ensure that emphasis is on building a strong, local school system that meets the needs of our learners without overburdening taxpayers.  We have to put our resources to use wisely and keep heavy-handed government out of the picture.



Fiscal Responsibility


Connecticut has faced mounting fiscal problems for years. The COVID-19 outbreak has severely exacerbated these long-standing issues.


Our State's legislature continues to vote for more spending and Connecticut residents now face the second-highest national tax burden. This reckless spending has resulted in an exodus from the state, a steady increase in poverty, and a decrease in home values. 

This was already unsustainable.


Now, during the COVID-19 response, the state spent excessively without any legislative input, and brought the our deficit to over $1 billion. It’s time to closely examine our spending and budgeting to bring about an economic recovery that can address our deficit and debt. 


Connecticut’s spending is completely irresponsible. Swift corrective action is needed now. I will join with legislators to bring that change to our State and work to prevent irresponsible legislation going forward.



The best way to keep our community informed about local and state issues is with complete transparency. This enables every citizen to make informed decisions for themselves, their families, and loved ones.


It is time for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to be instituted across the entire state. This is the best way we can truly understand how our government is working and how our tax dollars are being allocated. 


Every citizen deserves to know where and why their hard-earned dollars are being spent. Only with full transparency can our communities make truly responsible and informed choices about our state.


COVID-19 Response


The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new set of issues and concerns to the state. These include the responsible reopening of schools, decisions regarding taxes and the deficit, and how to protect our most vulnerable/at-risk citizens. 


These are not small issues and each one needs to be thoroughly investigated and studied. We must minimize harm that reopening our schools might cause to students and educators. We must also examine state spending to counteract the effects of the escalating costs and the lower state revenues resulting from this pandemic.


We need careful, deliberative, and prudent policies moving forward to prevent Connecticut from experiencing serious economic damage in the future.

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