I am honored to be running to represent the 25th Connecticut State Senatorial district. It is my mission to build a brighter future for our community with every single action I take, and practice transparent governance with a citizens-first approach.


Our Connecticut state government must serve the needs of every resident in our community. It’s our responsibility to promote business growth, reduce taxation, create jobs, and decrease the burden of taxes by examining and prioritizing government spending. As we do so, we must serve our educational systems, protect our most vulnerable citizens, and strive to maintain complete transparency with every issue we face.


I pledge to my constituents that I will maintain an open dialogue about the important issues we face. I will never shrink away from making difficult decisions when I am certain they will serve the best interest of everyone in our district.

Being an Educator is not just my career, it’s a way of life. I believe strongly in the importance of transparency and educating every constituent about the pressing concerns within our community. Knowledge is power and having a firm understanding of key issues will enable us to make decisions that truly benefit everyone living here.



I will thoroughly research and understand every piece of legislation that comes before me and will always vote to do what’s right for the residents of our district. This means I will not merely vote “party line” just to further a personal agenda. I will vote to directly benefit you. 


Furthermore, I will ensure that your voices are heard in the legislature. I strongly believe that the government should always be listening to the voices of its citizens and responding to their needs.



I promise to make myself available to my community, and keep voters informed of the important work I do in Hartford. In addition, I invite every voter to reach out to me whenever they have a pressing concern or issue they want to discuss. Education about key issues is the cornerstone of my campaign and I will always share my knowledge and listen to your questions with an open mind.