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I am honored to be a candidate for the 25th State Senatorial District in Connecticut, which includes the towns of Norwalk and Darien. My husband and I have been residents of Norwalk for over 20 years and have raised our two children in this lovely community. During this time I’ve been a teacher in the Stamford Public School System with a focus on technology education. My husband is a small business owner with his own engineering firm, and my children attend All Saints Catholic School in Norwalk.


I grew up in Florida, the middle of three children. My mother was an Army vet and X-ray technician, and my father was a mechanic. From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. There’s a running joke in my family that I was born with a piece of chalk in my hand. Throughout my childhood money was tight and I had an after school job from the time I was eligible for employment. 


Shortly after I began college to pursue my teaching degree I lost both of my parents unexpectedly. I was forced to put my education on hold and focus on earning money to support me and my younger sister. In order to pay the bills I began a job in the front office of a software development company; little did I know how much it would change my life. Not only did it enable me to pay the mortgage, but it was my first introduction to the world of technology, which would someday become the focus of my teaching. 


Once my sister was in college I moved to Connecticut and began working at UBS while attending college at Sacred Heart University. Within a few years I earned my B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Education from SHU. Then I continued to earn a second M.A. from Fairfield University in Technology Education. These educational experiences shaped the teacher I am today, and also enabled me to earn three state of Connecticut teaching endorsements in media, social studies, and technology.


Throughout my 15 years as an urban educator I've seen what it takes to make a positive impact on educational experiences that lead to improved outcomes for students; any teacher will tell you that more bureaucracy is not the answer.  The push to regionalize our schools and interfere with local control is not what's best for our children.  I’ve also seen first hand how small businesses like my husband's are being choked with unfair tax burdens.


I’m running for Connecticut State Senate because this has to end. We need to stop forced regionalization of our schools and maintain local control. We must focus on creating an environment where established businesses can thrive. We also need to adopt pro-growth economic policies aimed squarely at bringing jobs back to our state. 


As your State Senator it will be my mission to work with politicians on both sides of the aisle, and my constituents, to promote and support these kinds of policies that directly benefit our entire community.

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