Volunteer on Election Day!

As election day draws near, I'm feeling so excited, nervous, and above all, grateful for each of you!

I'm on the 2020 ticket [insert internal scream], which is probably the most important election year of our lifetime, so far. No matter how you feel about the top of the ticket, we all know so much is hanging in the balance.   

I couldn't be more proud that we're all part of this incredible, amazing process we call democracy!!

This Election Day, regardless of what happens when its over (even though we're totally winning) is going to be a celebration of participating in the process.

I've had to push myself to do things I never thought I'd do; I've taken hard positions, publicly, that I knew would be unpopular with some, I've put myself completely out there to fight for what I believe in and what I know is right for our community. 

To celebrate this day properly, I'm inviting my friends, family, and supporters to join us all at the polls and keep the excitement about this campaign going until the last second.