My husband and I are both first-generation American citizens. We know the value of hard work and have been rewarded with careers and a community we love. After losing my parents at 19, I worked tirelessly to earn my degrees and find opportunities to grow my expertise. This perseverance and unwavering focus earned me a successful career that I enjoy, doing exactly what I've always wanted to do. It’s been gratifying to bring this path to fruition.


While I’ll always love teaching, it’s become clear that entering politics as a Connecticut State Senator is the right next step for me. Being a teacher, spouse of a small business owner, and mother has given me the critical insight needed to truly understand the current challenges facing residents of our district. We desperately need change in order to reduce the tax burden on residents and increase the quality of education for the next generation.


The people of Norwalk and Darien deserve to have a Senator who understands that people living here are grappling with stifling taxes, ever-increasing cost of living, diminishing opportunities for our children and future generations.  It’s unfair and unsustainable.


Many government employees and career politicians are shielded from the impact their policies have on their own communities. Being too far removed is a detriment to residents as they remain out of touch with the real struggles facing families today.  As someone on the ground, in the center of the action, I promise to never be removed from the immediate concerns of the citizens.


My interpersonal skills, work and life experience will be critical in truly understanding the needs of our Senatorial district. These same skills will enable me to craft and vote for policies that will contribute to positive changes that will reverberate throughout our community, creating positive change that will enable our state to flourish for years to come.